Market Updates

Two Year Price Trend for Single Detached Homes

The Benchmark Home Price for single detached homes, according to CREA's HPI, continues to correct in most markets of the GTA.  Overall home prices are beginning to soften, though they remain above Jan 2017 peak levels. Benchmark homes are representative of standardized homes for specific sub areas. Their physical characteristics remain fixed over time. Benchmarks and indices for “Detached single...

This Simple Question…Can Save You a Lot of Money

Imagine this scenario... You purchase a new home and move in. A few weeks later, you hear a strange rumbling sound. It’s the furnace. It’s only a year old, yet it’s sputtering like it’s twenty. You realize you’ll have to call in an HVAC contractor to get it fixed. You’re thinking, “Ouch! This is going to be expensive.” Well, maybe not. You see, since that furnace is relatively new, it...

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